Angela Harding

I have always known I want to help people feel good and after working in many different fields. I finally found the one thing that made sense and the thing I am truly passionate about.

Traditional Chinese Medicine to me just makes sense, it looks at the whole picture of our health not just one thing or another, it makes the connections that then help us decide which avenue to take. I believe the patient knows more about what is wrong as they live it. I also believe that the key to good health is diet and exercise. Although well qualified I am constantly studying and taking parts in seminars to learn more and keep up to date with new findings.

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About Palms Chinese Medicine Centre

⇒ National Diploma of Acupucture (Christchurch College of Holistic Healing)

⇒ Masters Degree of TCM – partially completed (University of Western Sydney)
⇒ CPR/First Aid
⇒ Member of AcNZ

Past President of AcNZ

Vice President World Federation of Acupuncture and Moxibustion

⇒ Interests:
⇒ Kung Fu
⇒ Self Defense⇒ Cycling⇒ Triathlons⇒ Music

Garry Harding

From an early age I have been passionate about sports and fitness. My competitive drive led me to achieve titles as an athlete in the field of diving then later martial arts. My goal is to encourage and challenge my clients to feel stronger and more confident with every session. By providing professional guidance, I can help teach individualized programs built around realistic goals to help people realize their potential.

As a trainer it is my job to motivate, educate, and support clients in achieving their goals while maintaining a positive, fun environment. We have one life, one shot, and it’s never too late to make it count.

⇒ Diploma in Sport Studies (DipSptSt)
⇒ Otago University

Personal Trainer
⇒ Kung Fu Black belt, Chief Instructor (15 years)
⇒ First Aid


⇒ Kung Fu⇒ Self Defense⇒ Cycling⇒ Triathlons⇒ Cooking⇒ Mountain Biking